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X-TERRA 30  &  X-TERRA 50

Powered with New V-Flex Technology

Introducing the Totally NEW Concept in Land Metal Detectors.

The first compact, lightweight land  metal detector with full-powered, user friendly circuitry built into its headphones and a built-in full-detection power Target Probe!

The revolutionary NEW beach & surf machine that turns daydreams into reality!

A dream come true... Compact, lightweight, high-powered, user friendly circuitry built right into the headphones!


"Wading Metal Detector of 2000"

We Guarantee The Lowest Prices! Our Metal Detector prices are discounted to the MAXIMUM. We Will Match ANY Advertised Price.

Treasure Hunters Code of Ethics :

I will respect private property and not treasure hunt without the owners permission. I will leave the land as it was and fill all holes.
I will appreciate and protect our heritage of natural resources, wildlife and private property.
I will use thoughtfulness, consideration and courtesy at all times.
I will remove all trash and properly dispose of it.
I will not destroy any property whether buildings, signs or equipment.
I will never destroy historical or archeological artifacts.

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