Hidden treasures are now within reach with Safari!      Safari

Powered by Minelab's FBS multiple frequency technology, Safari combines deep, sensitive and accurate detecting for anyone demanding both simplicity AND performance!

Safari uses advanced digital filtering to eliminate the influence of ground signals, automatically. Experience easy, seamless detecting whatever the field conditions!

With its High Trash Density setting, Target Ids and audio tones are updated when sweeping over closely spaced targets FAST! This improves the recovery of deeply buried high conductivity targets in a trashy environment and allows you to more accurately identify the type of target found.

Accurate and easy to use, press the pinpoint button and watch the Safari zone-in on the precise location of that precious target.

With four pre-programmed Detect modes, you can choose from Coin; Coin & Jewellery; Relic or All Metal. Each individual mode contains the optimum settings for identifying the characteristics of your preferred targets, allowing you to maximise your time in the field.


Length Adjustable from 43" (1100 mm) to 54" (1370 mm)
Shipping Weight 6 lbs (2750g) excluding batteries
Detector Weight 3.6 lbs (1650g) excluding batteries
Coil 11" lightweight, waterproof, Double D
Audio Output Internal speaker or headphones
Headphone Output " (6.3mm) stereo jack
Visual Display 64 x 128 pixel liquid crystal display (LCD)
Transmission Full Band Spectrum (FBS) Simultaneous multiple frequency transmission ranging from 1.5kHz to 100kHz
Ground Rejection Ground Compensation - advanced digital filtering
Discrimination Linear (-10 to +40 discrimination options)
Custom Select Discrimination Yes (-10 to +40)
Detect Modes (Preset) 4 (Coin; Coin/Jewellery; Relic; All Metal)
Detect Modes (Personal) 4 (Programmable/Save)
Auto Noise Cancel (Scanning) Yes
Pinpoint Non-motion with audio and visual indicators
Sensitivity Adjustment Fully Automatic/Manual (0-20)
Threshold Adjustable (0-40)
Target Volume Adjust Adjustable (0-20)
Trash Density High/Low
Batteries 12V Alkaline Pack (8 x 1.5 AA - batteries not included)
Patents US 4890064; US 5537041; US 5506506
Optional Accessories
Coils 8" FBS Coil with Lower Shaft, 8" and 11" Skidplates
Battery 1600/1800mA/H NiMH Battery Pack; 'AA' Housing Battery Pack
Charger 12V Car Charger
Other Carbon Fibre Lower Shaft, Tall Man Lower Shaft


MSRP $1295.00



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