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Minelab Explorer SE
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The New Minelab Explorer SE

  • New audio tone settings with Pitch Hold mode picks up even the faintest target signals and improves the recovery rate for the smallest or deepest good targets.
  • New faster and more powerful micro processor. The ExplorerSE is more responsive while using less power. Spend more time detecting; less time programming and recharging.
  • New menu structure gives easier access to key functions and makes ExplorerSE programming a breeze. Faster learning curve; easy to learn user interface.
  • New audio modulated pinpoint mode makes target size and depth identification more reliable. Save valuable time recovering targets.
  • Simplified Iron Mask coordinates 0-31 with full ferrous discrimination capability. Easy correlation of Iron mask settings with digital readout values; simplifies th euse of Iron mask; and makes better use of this function.
  • New Quickstart settings makes the learning curve on the ExplorerSE more rewarding.
  • New finer threshold and volume adjust controls perfectly match operating conditions. more accurate and comfortable settings.
  • Improved Threshold stability in noisy/trashy environments gives fewer false signals and covers more ground faster.
  • Larger target coordinates and improved menu fonts in Digital screen. Easy to read user interface.
  • Improved weight and balance with new lightweight waterproof coil. Comfortably detector for longer periods of time without fatigue.


3rd Generation Software Features:

  • New "logical" Main Menu format, rearranged "selections" to make browsing easier with one hand.
  • Now displays two separate screens, Smartfind and Digital - Learn and Edit screens now accessed through Main Menu.
  • New pin point - VCO type rising sound with improved volume on deeper targets.
  • New Iron Mask scale - now displays Ferrous range from 0 - 31 and AM - All metal.
  • Fast turn on, quieter / faster trun off.
  • Audio 1, 2 & 3 are now Long, Smooth & Pitch Hold respectively. Pitch Hold similar to the BBS series of detectors.
  • Faster loading of User settings.
  • Factory preset Gain now set to 8 (used to be 5).
  • Stabilized Threshold in high-trash environments.
  • New larger fonts.
  • New updated detection results on Fer and Cond in Pin Point mode.
  • Improved behavior of the Depth indicator during detection and pin pointing.

Hardware Changes:

  • New color, style and appearance.
  • New thinner, lighter coil with better balance (weight reduction of 60 grams)
  • Current consumption reduced by 8% approx. prolonging battery life, increasing run time by 1 - 2 hours.


The benchmark for Coin and Treasure Hunting detectors is about to change with the introduction of the new Minelab Explorer. Operating on a totally new system call Full Band Spectrum (FBS), this new technology transmits up to 28 frequencies simultaneously, ranging from 1.5 kHz to 100 kHz, improving both depth and accuracy of discrimination. For the first time ever, here is a detector with 2-D Identification, which means that targets are now identified by not only conductivity but as well its ferrous content. There are two models, the Explorer S and the Explorer XS. Both detectors use the new Smartfind™ two-dimensional discrimination system and have equal depth. The Explorer XS however has a number of more advanced features which allows the operator to personalize the discrimination pattern to their requirements.

By increasing the number and the range of frequencies being transmitted (the Explorer operates between the frequencies 1.5kHz to 100kHz), there has been a marked improvement in both the depth and accuracy of discrimination. This means that the Explorer can now detect those very deep targets which have been overlooked until now. All those productive areas you have detected previously, done well and found all that was there in shallow depths, can now be re-detected to find the deeper coins which were missed previously.

An added advantage of increasing the number of frequencies being transmitted is the increased accuracy of target identification. The more frequencies sampling the target, the more information returned for processing and the more precisely the detector is able to accurately identify the target. For the technically minded, Full Band Spectrum ( F.B.S.) has meant that the resolution or the divisions of measurement, the Explorer is able to make of a target signal has gone from approximately 8000 out to a massive 65000, a huge increase of information. They're New! They're Different! The new Minelab Explorers are the most technologically advanced detectors ever produced!

Minelab's powerful, high-performance Explorer series sets the new standard in metal detecting technology. Minelab's latest, exclusive Full Band Spectrum (FBS) technology features 28 simultaneous operating frequencies from 1.5kHz to 100kHz. Superior FBS technology means a wider variety of more desirable targets, incredible depth and more target information in your hands to help you find what you've been missing with other detectors!

Put the power of the Explorer to work! Start hunting within seconds of turning on the Explorer. Use Quickstart factory presets or adjust individual functions, sensitivity, volume, discrimination, pinpoint, etc., just by pushing a button, it's easy! In Advanced mode the combinations are almost endless, resulting in the world's most advanced metal detector!

The deep penetrating submersible 10-inch all-weather search coil has its concealed cable running inside the fully adjustable square-section shaft. Just one of the innovative new features of this superbly crafted, rugged, yet sleek all new detector.

Minelab's Explorers are an impressive combination of breakthrough technology and ease of use.

The dynamic fully integrated control panel incorporates breakthrough technology with a full function Coordinate Target Identification (CTI) digital display system featuring Minelab's exclusive Smartfind.

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