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List Price- $1295.00
Our Price- $998.95

New Minelab E-Trac Detector

E-Trac is Minelab's most technologically advanced detector, incorporating unique Full Band Spectrum (FBS) Technology. Its sleek, sturdy design, innovative control panel, intuitive menus, clear LCD, robust lightweight coil and comprehensive targeting options set E-Trac apart from any other detector available today.

Minelab has taken a further ground breaking step by incorporating a USB interface, which will allow you to download and upload E-Trac settings, User Modes and Discrimination Patterns using your own Personal Computer (PC).

E-Trac will locate valuable metal objects in a variety of mineralised ground conditions such as extremely salty soils, sea water, wet beach sand and highly magnetic ground conditions. By using the E-Trac you can become one of the many successful detectorists who combine their passion for the outdoors with the excitement of discovering valuable coins, relics, gold and jewelery on a regular basis.

List Price- $1895.00
Our Price- $1498.95

New X-Terra 305, 505, and 705 Detectors


1. VFLEX - Minelab's New single frequency technology:
VFLEX uses state of the art digital and mixed signal technology. For X-TERRA users, this high precision technology means dependable performance (high sensitivity, stability, repeatability) and improved immunity to tough environmental conditions.

2. It's Clever... yet simple to use:
Clever inside (VFLEX), simple outside, the X-TERRA comes equipped with a large LCD screen so easy to use and understand you will be guaranteed a rewarding and hassle-free detecting experience.

3. 2 Detectors in 1
On the X-Terra 505 by changing the coil you can change the frequency to 18.75 khz to search for higher conductive items like gold & relics.

With the X-Terra 705 you will have the option of a Low 3khz, Standard 7.5khz or high 18.79khz coils. Maximized depth and gold nugget hunting capabilities.


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Improved Performance!
Better Balance!
Feature Packed!!
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Featuring Minelab's Digital "ACCU-TRAC" Ground Balancing Circuitry

* Zero in on your targets with the NEW Selectable Pinpoint Mode.
* Find the good targets next to trash with the NEW IRON MASK mode!
* You pick the mode that best suits you with the NEW Silent Search/Threshold switch.
* Hunt in the clearest channel available with the 2-Band Noise Cancel switch.

Retail $995.00 Our Price $798.95  Comes with Free Shipping, Professional Headphones or 1 year Subscription to American Digger Magazine, and either an Army Shovel or Trowel(your choice).

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Minelab Musketeer Advantage Pro(New Model)
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The hottest and most affordable detector in it's class. Lightweight, high performance, extreme depth, ground balance and full VLF 5khz fast discrimination for more finds in trashy areas. Comes standard w/ 8" coil.

Retail $895.00 Our Price $698.95  Advantage Pro package includes 10 " coil, coil cover, NiMH rechargeable battery, wall charger, armrest kit, free shipping, manual & 2 year warranty.

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New Minelab Explorer SE
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New Menu Display - New Lighter Weight - Faster Response - Increased Depth Capability and much more.

RETAIL $1495.00 OUR PRICE $1298.95
Includes: Extended 2 year warranty, Free Shi
pping, and Professional Headphones.

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New Minelab Eureka Gold
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Three detectors in one! 60, 20, 6.4 khz operation switchable between frequencies with full discrimination control.

Retail $1250.00 Our Price $998.95 Plus Free Shipping and Professional Headphones.